Cogito FAQ's

Who supports Cogito?

Cogito is an imprint of Apriori Education. We receive our income from these sources: advertisers in the journal who support our goals and want to reach readers with their message; donations people have made to our organization.

How can I get more involved in Cogito?

There are many ways your support can help. 

  • Consider making a donation.

  • Contribute prose, essays, and critiques to the Cogito journal.

  • Join the Cogito Editorial Team if you are passionate about reading and writing.

  • Advertise your business and reach a nationwide audience of readers.

  • Help us make contacts with authors and writers for our Interview Contests.​

With budget cuts and other pressures, many journals no longer have any presence, online or offline. We are an imprint of Apriori Education which has honed students for creative writing, and critical thinking skills for decades in the education industry. This is our latest venture for aspiring as well as established writers, poets and thinkers to express their creative ingenuity. Anybody can submit to our journal, not just those who have been already published on other platforms.   

How is Cogito different from other journals?

Cogito feels strongly that one of the greatest needs of people is to preserve and express their sense of self-worth. Cogito's role is to listen to its contributors and provide a forum in which writers, poets, and thinkers can express themselves through poetry, essays, stories, reviews, art, and photography.

What is the philosophy behind Cogito?  

We have no staff writers or artists; all writers are encouraged to submit work. We read and review every submission, and though we can't publish everyone, the creative process itself is satisfying and rewarding for a writer. The letters we receive from students, teachers, parents and administrators attest to this. If a piece is accepted, the writer has the joy of seeing his or her work in print and/or on the Internet. The compensation is 750 INR for each published piece.  

How does Cogito receive its material?

We encourage our contributors to interview family members, neighbours, friends, poets, writers,  thinkers, artists, and educators to learn about the lives and histories of those close to them. Hundreds of interviews are submitted, but only the best will be published in our Featured Section.

Whom should you approach for interviews?

The Editorial Team serves as liaisons and advisors to Cogito. They use the magazine in a variety of ways and are available if you have questions or suggestions contact our Editorial Team.​​​

What is the Cogito Editorial Team?