Cogito - The Literary Journal

Welcome to Cogito, an online journal devoted to expressions of the human condition through the written word and art 

Cogito is devoted to helping writers share their own stories and/ or convey their ideas through their unique 'voice'. It could be expressions of existential angst, revaluations of ideas and morals in a post-truth world or even the most transcendental experiences revealed in the monotony of our everyday lives.


We all have residual and, perhaps to a greater extent, pronounced literary and artistic influences that help sustain us in times of crises. This is what speaks to our common humanity and it is precisely in our increasingly polarised socio-political milieu that there is a need for creative as well as intellectual engagement. 

In particular, we encourage writers belonging to marginalised sections of our dichotomous and mythically progressive world to contribute to the journal since their voices require more urgent expression.  This is a safe space for members of the LGBTQ, African American, Arab Muslim and Disabled community to make yourself heard. 

We are extremely excited and are looking forward to your works. Our mission is to ensure that you are also financially rewarded for your efforts and that is why over and above the regular pay for submissions, we will be organising literary contests from time to time. It is time writers, poets and artists got their dues. 

So, keep the submissions flowing in! 



Editorial Team

Editor - Dominic Calvin Biswas


Managing Editor - Catrina Whyte

Contributing Editor - Mandika Sinha

Contributing Editor - Dipankar Das

Marketing & Social Media Strategist - Ishita Tyagi

Resident Artist - Shruti Gupta

Web Developer & Programmer - Kanishk Kalra